A Legend Reborn



Obtain 10 Magic Essences by fighting fire elementals on the Crystal Mountain. Then reforge the fragments of the spear and the ancient sword into a new sword and report to Black-Bird.


You know, I thought about things and remembered something. I was wrong! There was something like this in the legends! Do you remember "Dreams in the Amethyst Pavilion"? Oh, of course you don't, sorry. I have all the scrolls - if you sit down to read them, you won't be able to stop!
So anyway, in the fifth dream Che-Sten becomes so powerful that he dares to challenge the gods themselves. He descends into the depths of the Crystal Mountain, to its very heart, and forges a sword in its flames. He tempers the sword with the essence of magic and binds a living soul to it. Then he ascends the Crystal Mountain, mowing over the crystal guards as he does. Stunned by his power, the Immortals accept him as one of their own, then shroud the mountain with a veil... Wait a second - if the Immortals are evil, does that mean Che-Sten is evil as well? Or maybe they didn't really take him in? I'm scared to even consider the possibility...
Nevertheless, we must try. I know where to find the cave where Che-Sten forged his sword. The magic spirits that provided the essence of magic for his sword still live there. You already have a weapon with a bound living soul, albeit a broken one. The Black-Bird spoke of the old sword of the Ancients. You can forge a new sword out of it in the flames of the mountain, just like in the times of old.


You must think of a name for your sword. Something pretty that will sound good in legends. Crystalsmash? Or Shatterglass? Or Crystalrupture? Go on. I'll think of a few more names in the meantime.


An ancient sword has been reforged, and a new hero ascends the Crystal Mountain... It's a pity there's no scribe in Tequatl good enough to pen a new legend! Maybe I should try...


Experience: +4800

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