Doing Your Civic Duty



Speak at the demonstration at Victory Park using the papers you received and report to Elizaveta Rysina when you are done.
  • First Part of the Speech read
  • Second Part of the Speech read
  • Third Part of the Speech read


I have a mission of national importance. Listen well!
We have recently discovered that there is no unity within the Kanian Church of Light! A report from our agents indicates that a Kanian priest known as Chayan Khrabrov has proposed declaring Nezeb and Skrakan as saints of equal importance as Tensess. That means that he has declared the postulates of his church wrong, and accepted our Trinity Church as the only true one. It's nice to know that there are sensible people among the Kanians.
However, his proposal was rejected by the leaders of the Church of Light. In response, Chayan Khrabrov began a hunger strike to protest their decision. Stories about the heroic actions of this Kanian will appear in our newspapers today. However, that is not enough! It is essential that all Imperial Citizens be reminded of the superiority of the Trinity Church!
You are the Imperial survivor. That means that it is your responsibility to spread the word.
Take this. This is the speech you must give at the demonstration in support of Chayan Khrabrov's hunger strike. It will take place in Victory Park.
Remember, this is your duty! You of all people should know that weapons aren't the only way to hurt the enemy!


I'm not sure that one demonstration is enough! We should organize them on all Imperial allods!
We also need to collect food and warm clothes for that priest. On second thought, no food. He is on a hunger strike!


I have already heard how your speech was a resounding success among the citizens of Nezebgrad. You see, sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword, and this was one of those times!
As a reward, I shall instruct you in an ability that is only taught to the most trusted Imperial citizens. Thank you for serving the Empire on this day!


Experience: +320

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