Seer of Threads




Help find the ancestors.
  • Find the graves of the ancestors of Trondur and Wickham, and lay flowers on them 5/5
    (You can find the graves with the Weaver's Vision)
  • Go to the idols of Ase and Emla with Wickham and Trondur, and lay flowers there


{username}, you know we thought about the fate of Isa and came to the realization: the Gibberlings were seafarers who often returned here, to their home, which means there could be descendants of the same clan on Isa and beyond! We would love to find our relatives, because there are only two of us in this harsh world! We really miss our dead brother... Once we even wanted to take Sigurd as a brother, but the orc deceived us... There is no ritual of unity, he said.
But it is quite possible that among the souls resting here might be our distant uncles and aunts. We picked some flowers in the valley - we want to honor the memory of our relatives...
But the problem is, we don't know how to figure out who is who! Weaver's Vision would be very useful here, and Unn says you have it. You should be able to use it at the right moment. Don't worry, you haven't lost it. We're lucky you can see the Threads!
Please find those who might be our relatives!


Oh, where might our ancestors be?


So all Gibberlings are related? Well, yes, how could it be otherwise? All our families come from Ase and Emla, it's true!


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