Birth of Hope




Find the All-Mother's Fate in the Hall and give her hope.
  • Restore Isa's connection to the outside world
    (Help the Fates of Gerda, Wickham, and Trondur during the Hall of Fates quest)
  • Find the All-Mother's Thread
  • Talk to the All-Mother
  • Send a signal to Enod, the World of Light


{username}! Wait!
You and I have one more important thing to do in the Hall. Do you still remember why we came here?
We finally have a chance to reach the All-Mother's Thread through her child, her first tree in Sarnaut! And learn how we can mollify her and save our dying Great Trees.
Please find her Thread in the Hall. Try to help.
All right, now go!


Go to the Hall and find the Fate of the All-Mother! Hurry! I won't be able to maintain my astral projection here indefinitely!


Hope? It's a great power. Even when darkness swallows the world and faith dries up, hope remains. It moves us forward in the most difficult time when there is nothing left.


Experience: +198375

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