News of Hope




Report to Yasker


{username}, I have a task for you... We need to tell Yasker everything that happened here. I hope the great leader of the Empire will temper justice with mercy.
And one more request: do not tell anyone how to get to Isa. Let this remain the secret of the Gibberlings of Isa and those they choose to invite here.


Interesting news! Perhaps you are not hopeless after all, {username}. If Isa's Gibberlings had showed up a few years ago, I would've been extremely worried that the League would bring in new forces to fight us. But now it's not even clear if the Gibberlings will stay in the League!
Okay, so be it, I will forget your defeat in Eden.
We have new problems here. The allod Jigran, lost and forgotten by everyone. It has become the new capital of Sarnaut. And the situation there - the news make your blood run cold. I've been looking for someone to send there. I think you will be a good candidate.
We must prepare, but for now… wait. I will send for you when the time comes.


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