Day 13: Ghostly Race



Complete the Marathon quest
  • Marathon quest completed
    (You can receive the Marathon quest from Shadowblade Necromancer Nomarkh Ankh on the Wandering Island.)


Are you confused?
There are enemy Wormfaces and allied Wormfaces. There are enemy Draconids and allied Draconids. There are enemy cultists and... yes, correct! Allied cultists.
Well, the world is not black and white. And after the events you took part in, it has gotten even more complicated. Some still stick to the old ways, but others... might have looked at you and decided to act differently.
Where am I going with this? On the Wandering Island, we managed to reach an agreement with Sarn's cultists. Some of them work with the Demonologists. So one of the local cultists, Nomarkh Ankh, decided to arrange Spark races. And races mean profit. Meaning money, heh.
We want you to participate and win! So go there and do everything you can to win the race.


Did you win?


Must have been a nice race!



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