Day 20: Death to Our Foes!



Complete the Death to Our Foes! quest
  • Death to Our Foes! quest completed
    (You can receive the Death to Our Foes! quest from Punch the Furious on the Wandering Island.)


Today you and I will help some cultists.
Semer Knef wrote to me recently. They are ready to share some of their technologies with us if we lend them our support.
The enemy Wormfaces who serve Nihaz, and Agrus's Draconids – who are even more vicious – have sent reinforcements to the Wandering Island... It sounds like they are trying to capture the Palace Square and the path that leads to the Seal of Darkness.
They must be stopped. Use the cultist forces to seize control of the square.


Have you completed your task?


I have no doubts about your strength now. But I still have a few special tasks prepared...



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