A Fair Deal




Take away the royal chain, the crown and the scepter from Urmas, Peters and Valdis and return to Janis Harius.


I know how to help you. But first you need to bring me the royal regalia of my father. Crazy Antonis gave them away to his accomplices as simple trinkets. It is such a shame for our people! Without my father’s regalia, I cannot regain my power.
The accomplices' names are Urmas, Peters and Valdis. They must be chilling somewhere in the town outskirts. Take away the crown, the scepter and the orb of Harius dynasty, and I swear you will have all the help I can offer!


Urmas, Peters and Valdis are hiding in the old town ruins, not far from my palace. My former palace...


I didn't expect you to do it so fast! Now with the royal regalia, I can recover my lost throne and help you, as I promised!
Have you seen that huge pipe on the bottom of the lake? When my father was young, smugglers built that tunnel to transport goods to the Iron City. They paid us well! But then all smugglers were drowned by Ivan Chelezny, and thus our thrift ended.
When I recover my power, I can fix the tunnel. But you will have to pay us again, like in the old times!


Experience: +12920

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