A Gift from the Gods



Take the Mysterious Box of Supplies to Amanda de Desirae.


That melancholy Elf over there took a stroll along the shore and found this strange box. Of course, we've already opened it - inside there were weapons, food, medicine, and clothes - all you need to live on a deserted allod! It's an answer to our prayers, like someone knew just what we needed!

We've got to send some of these to our scouts and tell them about the find. We have a feeling this allod isn't so deserted after all. The scouts went north along the path through the birch grove. Get on up to their camp as fast as you can!


Yay! There you finally are! I kept my fingers crossed for your safe return. Things are definitely going to get better with you around! So, what news do you have for me?


Wow! We can really make use of all of these! I wonder who it's from. Well, I guess we shouldn't worry about that for now. Meanwhile, choose whatever you want from this box.


Experience: +560

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