A Battle That Never Happened



Prevent the battle between the League and the Empire and return to Gorislav on the Crossroads.
  • Battle canceled
    (Wait for events to develop while completing important quests on Kirah)


As you might have guessed, your main goal is preventing the tomorrow's battle. League and Empire armies are ready to cut each other throats, but instead they must repulse the demonic attack, uniting against their common enemy.

How can you do it? By completing tasks of Eniel and others.

I hope you understand that "tomorrow" is just a figure of speech. It is always March 3, 910 here. Every day. This day won't end until you reach your goal. After that you'll be able to meet Gorislav and receive new tasks.


How is your fight going?


Fine! It means tomorrow Yasker and Eniel will meet the demons fully prepared.

But there's no tomorrow. There is only one and the same day that took place a century ago. And if they succeeded or failed, we will find out later.

Now you see how confusing the time can be!


Experience: +16900

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