Lost Sparks



Inspect the lost Sparks in the Purgatory and find out what happened to them. Report the information to the Servant of the Light.


Oh, something's rotten in your kingdom, yep! Look at those poor souls restlessly wandering through the Purgatory. Empty eyes, empty heads... The horror!

I don't know what happened to them. They appeared in the Purgatory already like this, with neither will nor power. I tried to talk to them, shake them, but to no avail, yep. They talk nonsense. I saw crazy Sparks before, and all of them would leave this sorrowful place after a certain time... But not these, they wander around here, scaring the dead, and cannot return, as if they are stuck between life and death. Perhaps you can try to talk to them? It is not good that our set routines be interrupted by some lost souls, yep.


Honest folks are losing Sparks!


So that's how it is! Cultists, then... I think it's time to warn Elizaveta!


Experience: +6000

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