Stone Woods



Mistress’s chambers found


I know nothing of Nickel! I agreed to let people dig for stones, not for copper! They broke their promise, that’s all for now.

You say, don’t kill the innocent? Look me in the eye now... Oh. I can see a strong heart and a good spirit... Right, I will lift the curse for the first time. As to the Prophetic Ruby, you will have to earn it!

Pass my test first. There’s a stony forest at the allod. I will tell you the magic word for the Pillars to show you the way to the forest. If you find the path through it to my parlor, it means you worth it. And if you don’t - then don’t blame me!


We haven’t received any guests long time!


Ssstop, mortals! I am Mighty Polozsss, the guardian of the Mistress’ chambersss. You must prove worthy before you may enter!


Experience: +17680

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