To the Rescue



Go with Murk to the Eastern part of the laboratory, find Elena Zimina, and return to Herbert de Vevre.


Get ready and go to the East wing. I will catch up with you - I want to take a look at the evacuation scheme. I hope Elena wasn't hurt, eysh!
Crrazy scientists... I swear on my ancestors, I would rather go to a scaled gnawer's lair, armed with a fork, than to this abandoned shrrine of scientific wisdom!


Don't waste time! Elena may be hurt or unconscious. She needs your help!


What took you so long? Elena's been back for 10 minutes! How did you miss her?
What happened? Elena acts... strangely. She didn't tell us anything, just took the thing that controls Mechanoids and went away. As far as I understood, she tried to use it to control the Mechanoids that were activated by the alarm.
What? Elena is not Elena? Are you out of your mind?


Experience: +9250

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