Sarn's Grace



Earn 3 Seals of Sarn's Benevolence and give them to Father Semer Knef at the cultists' camp.


I accepted your Oath. I believe it wholeheartedly, but there's no better vow than that backed up by noble deeds. We, the forces of Light, the cultists of Sarn, have the most holy of missions - the destruction of the wormfaces and draconids. Mutants and degenerates are enemies of the Creator and nature itself. Fighting on our side, you will earn the highest awards that any cultist can aspire to: the Seal of Sarn's Benevolence. If you can gather enough of them we will understand that you are pure of heart, that you are fighting for the Light, and then we will help you find the path to the Wandering Island. That piece of land disrupted the portal connection, but we know how to find the road through the darkness. When the time comes, and if you can earn our trust, I'll show you the road.

One more thing. It's important to us that those on our side fight nobly, without lacking anything they need. During the fighting you'll be able to accumulate Seals of Sarn's Benevolence, which you can exchange at our traders for items that can be found nowhere else in Sarnaut.

Good fighting luck to you! May Sarn be with us!


Your efforts will not be wasted. We are watching you and we can see how much you do for the glory of the God of Light.


Oh! You've done the cult a significant service. We now have no doubt that you can be trusted. Sarn was so right to have chosen you and sent you here.


Experience: +11600

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