Zombies with Scythes Stand along the Road




Kill zombies that attacked an aviak platoon on the road leading to the Deadman's Rock, and find the valuable thing lost by white aviaks.


Quarr, friend of Glittering Wing. People of the Wind talk much about your deeds. They say you strangled the Swamp Terror, the gigantic hydra that ate many good warriors, with your bare hands. They say you know martial art of other people, other land, and that is how you win. I think it will be easy for you to fulfill my request.
Our platoon was going to the east of the village, carrying a valuable item there. Then someone attacked the platoon, consisted mainly of chicks... young and dumb chicks. They were afraid to fight and fled from battle. They flew into the village and talked about strange things.
They say the platoon walked at night. Red enemies were not asleep, looking to sabotage. Workers! Proletariat! Damn their taq-taggar... Except our warriors did not meet reds, but someone else. Chicks say they were walking stealthily. They did not see anything at night. And then a bright light shone on them, a box where outlanders bury the dead flew in the air above the road. And zombies with scythes were standing along the road... And complete silence!
I want to ask you, go and see what happened to platoon. Our warriors are brave, but they are afraid of the dead. Will you check? I'll be grateful!


By the looks of it, this is that very box with the valuable item inside that Ko'Chuck was talking about...


The valuable item is gone. Carried off. Where will it be found?


Experience: +9000

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