A Flame in the Night



Ignite ritual torches erected on Kahlua Island, then return to Elchana.


Al khakar tugat! Kuratag tak maggar! Cough... I sense darkness, Son of the Wind! Terrible darkness from eternal void. It follows you with hungry eyes, smells your scent, craves your body. Umm-tala... I know what to do!
Darkness is afraid of the sacred flame. Like a bonfire in the night that protects a hunter from wild beasts, so will fire above the altar protect you from the night's spawn. You will ignite the sacred flame at altars, and it will protect you during the ritual. Go!


Night spawns are dangerous. They come deep at night and leave neither feathers nor bones of careless fools, but bring no harm to cautious sages!


Good. Fire's burning and eternally hungry spawn of night returns to its lair. Nothing can interrupt the ritual.


Experience: +7320

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