A Fateful Meeting



Visit the meeting place between the Northern Sand Bar and Saltern.


This appears to be some sort of agreement was made between Viktor Korleone and Lican the Desert Menace. Let's see...

"Lican promises to cause all damage possible to the small dome, known as the Seventh Seabed Resort, up to penetrating the dome and destroying everything that moves and grows within it.

Payment will be made upon completion of the task in gold and refined sea salt.

Written by the personal secretary to Lican, Squeaky the Smart.

Addendum "Keys to Paradise" shall be provided by the courier from the Godfather.

Agreed meeting place is the area between the Northern Sand Bar and Saltern."


Guards! Guards! Who are you? What do you want? Where are the goblins?


Stop! I'm not a warrior, I'm a courier! Don't touch me! I'll talk.


Experience: +1160

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