Death to Our Foes!



Capture three key points on the island: Swampy Pass, the Wretched Corner, and the Palace Square. When victorious, report to Punch the Furious at the cultists' camp.
  • The Swampy Pass or The Wretched Corner captured
    (Capture either Swampy Pass or Wretched Corner.)
  • The Palace Square captured


Funtime is over! Enough standing around, picking your nose! The enemy had ample reinforcements and again we got a good drubbing. The wormfaces regained control of the Swampy Pass. The draconids, may they rot in the grave, are back at the Wretched Corner. All right, my hearties - to arms!

I remind you of our plan: Goliath and the demons are to take the Swampy Pass from the wormfaces. Gromov will take the Wretched Corner. Then the lot of us, coming from both sides, will attack the Palace Square and decimate the enemy positions.


Is something unclear? I'll repeat myself for those slow on the uptake. Gromov will drive the draconids from the Wretched Corner. Goliath will capture the Swampy Pass. Then we'll all descend upon the square, and that will be the end of them!


We showed them again! They're done for! And we've done it! Huzzah!

Here's your reward. But calm down a bit. You know that the enemy will be up in our beeswax again soon enough. The headaches never abate for long!

Are you tired? Alas, the only way to get any rest is to go home to mommy, head back to Nezebgrad, to Novograd, or board a ship. We've got a war going on here!



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