Operation Harpoon: Breakthrough




Make your way to the Twilight Isle coast on an Astral Sloop and talk to the Portal Keeper.Use the Veil of Fog artifact to distract octulhus. If Demon Destroyers appear, use the Draconid Signal Horn to summon dragons. Astral Snipers can be easily destroyed using the Wave of Wrath artifact.
  • Set off for the Twilight Isle on an Astral Sloop
    (Board an astral sloop at the dock next to the Master's Citadel)


I am Overlord's Herald of Wrath! Overlord is merciful but his wrath knows no limit!Sarn's minions, human cultists and demonic spawns, are going to destroy the Citadel. They gathered a strong army on their Twilight Isle, and demon guardians are whirling around it. We are going to strike them from the inside!Our goal is to descent on the isle and regroup there. When we set up our defenses, we will open a portal for our army to destroy the enemy in its lair!Operation Harpoon is aimed on penetrating the enemy's lair, and you are destined to be the pike of the harpoon.A fast Astral sloop is waiting for the heroes at the dock. I will also give you a few artifacts to break through the demonic armada that defends the isle.The first artifact is called Veil of Fog. Its power will avert gaze of the most dangerous demons, octulhus. As you come close to one of them, use the artifact, and the demons won't notice you.The second artifact is the Draconid Signal Horn already familiar to you. If Demon Destroyers attack the sloop, blow the horn and our ally dragons will come to help.Finally, the third artifact is called Wave of Wrath. During the whole way to the Twilight Isle your sloop will be attacked by lesser demons, Astral Snipers. Overlord's Wrath contained in the artifact will incinerate all of them!Set off now and good luck to you, Seeker of Truth!Remember that the sloop is designed only for one passenger! You will have to break through alone, there is only yourself to count on.


You did break through all the barriers! Unbelievable...


Overlord has sent me here to break into the hideout of Sarn's acolytes and kill them. I can open the Portal between this Isle and the Citadel, but only with your assistance.


Experience: +560

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