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Sarnaut is not the only world in the ocean of Creation. Apart from Sarn and Nihaz, there thousands of other gods. If we understand what lies beyond Sarnaut, it might help us in the war with Nihaz and threats from other worlds. But where do we start?

Stage 1

You can start this stage by speaking with Cosmos on Dionic Archipelago (Level 73). Once you are done with your task, speak with Klavdia Kalugina to complete it (Level 73).
Every world, every god is just a tiny piece of the Creation, but those are important pieces. The confrontation of the two gods, the imprisonment and death of Sarn, the birth and development of this world - all this was preordained. This is how the Creation works. This is how it creates life.
Some gods have come to learn it; some, despite of their tremendous power, could never get close to the mystery of life. It seems that Nihaz is really interested in the Aoidoi as a side effect of Sarn's and Architect's death.

Stage 2

You can start this stage by speaking with Cosmos in the Observatory at level 74. Speak with Klavdia Kalugina near the Observatory to complete it.
To resist Nihaz, Cosmos is ready to alter the time itself and issue ultimatums to the rulers of Sarnaut. Whoever this strange Aoidos is, he looks pretty zealous in his desire to confront the Dark God...
Nihaz himself declared that he was not going to commit Sarnaut to fire if its dwellers were not going to leave their home world. That was a strange thing to say. Can the Dark God be trusted? What if we are looking at another Show, this time, much bloodier?

Stage 3

You can start this stage by speaking with Nefer Ur near the Observatory on Ammer at level 75. It leads to Sogot. Speak with Nefer Ur near the Observatory again to complete it at level 80.
The conflict between Demons, Demonologists, Demon Hunters, and the Church, orchestrated by the God of Darkness, has nearly undone the fragile peace in Sarnaut.
Nihaz made it clear that he wishes to be the ruler of this world. And he is not above using one of the greatest heroes of Sarnaut to dictate his will. It was only the intervention of Skulnar the Fierce that helped prevent the catastrophe.
What does Nihaz want with this world? Is there any chance he can be stopped?

Stage 4

You can start this stage by speaking with Skulnar the Fierce near the Observatory on Ammer at level 80. It leads to Wellebell Preserve, Frontier, and Gipat. Speak with Skulnar the Fierce in Al Rihat Ruins to complete it.
Every encounter with Nihaz gives you more questions. Apparently, he is not a conventional "god". He is... an idea? An incarnation of conflict for the sake of conflict for the sake of... what?
Anyway, I overcame the power of the God of Darkness over my mind. It feels like a victory, but... it doesn't feel like a victory. Nihaz's grim signs don't promise anything good.

Stage 5

You can start this stage by speaking with Klavdia in Nihaz's Citadel at level 100. Speak with Mark Staritsin in Yasker's Tower to complete it.
It turns out that Nihaz and Sarn are just two of the many gods who represent certain facets of the universe, each embodying a particular aspect of power. One way or another, they were all part of the cycle of Creation and Destruction, reforming the universe bit by bit.
But then Nihaz turned against the other gods, unleashing the Great War. Nihaz wants to have the powers of Creation and the ability to create life. And capturing Sarn is just one step of his grand plan.



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