Speck of Light - Allods Online Database.


  • Max stack size: 100000
  • Category: Special Items

Speck of Light

  • Speck of Light
  • Binds on pickup
  • Other
  • Charms
  • Item level: 60
  • A Speck of Light is manifested in combat, increasing your offensive and healing abilities.
    Enhanced by a Speck of Light, offensive abilities inflict additional 14.214 damage to opponents, and healing abilities restore 7.107 of the target's health per second over 6 seconds.
    Once activated, the Speck is destroyed. Cooldown duration from 10 to 30 seconds. The effectiveness is lower if the difference in levels of the Speck and the target is more than one.
    Goods from the Boutique.
  • Quantity: 1/100000
  • Cannot be traded
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