Radiant Strongbox of the Jeweler - Allods Online Database.


  • Max stack size: 10000
  • Category: Treasures

Radiant Strongbox of the Jeweler

  • Radiant Strongbox of the Jeweler
  • Duration: 90d.

  • The Jeweler Manuscripts contained in this Strongbox allow you to equip an additional earring!

    Talk to Goblin Banker at the Boutique Headquarters to trade the items you loot for the actual rewards.

    This item is useful for characters of any level, although the ability to equip an additional earring will become available to a character upon reaching level 20.

    Hurry, this is a time-limited offer!

    This item is stored in your bag under the Boutique tab.

    Consumed after use.

    Goods from the Boutique.

  • Quantity: 1/10000
  • 1
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Collector's CoinCollector's Coin11OtherOther100%1
Coupon BookCoupon Book41OtherOther20-30%1
Apprentice Jeweler ManuscriptApprentice Jeweler Manuscript101OtherOther10-20%1
Medium Sack of Mount FeedMedium Sack of Mount Feed41OtherOther10-20%1
Log Extension to 35 QuestsLog Extension to 35 Quests71OtherOther5-10%1
Water of DeathWater of Death11OtherOther5-10%1
Water of LifeWater of Life11OtherOther5-10%1
Common Jeweler ManuscriptCommon Jeweler Manuscript41OtherOther5-10%1
Elixir of VitalityElixir of Vitality41OtherOther1-5%5
Elixir of LuckElixir of Luck41OtherOther1-5%5
Steed's BridleSteed's Bridle41OtherOther1-5%1
Experienced Jeweler ManuscriptExperienced Jeweler Manuscript41OtherOther1-5%1
Skillful Jeweler ManuscriptSkillful Jeweler Manuscript41OtherOther0.5-1%1
Master Jeweler ManuscriptMaster Jeweler Manuscript41OtherOther0.01-0.1%1
1 - 14 of 14