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Fruits of Love


Gather 5 Dog Rose Berries and take them to Nikolai Rubtsov in the Scout Camp.

Spawns at: Evermeet Isle
Evermeet Isle
Evermeet Isle


Nikolai Rubtsov, my... well, a good friend of mine, went inland on a scouting mission. They hope to find some way of leaving this place. I'm sure they can do it - my Slavuta is with them!

I'd like to support my friend. I saw some dog rose bushes in the forest and that's his favorite berry! Do me a favor and gather some to take to him as a present from me. My mother used to say that showing attention to your loved ones can be a great help in times of trouble.

Please beware of adders! Try not to disturb them while gathering the berries.


Do you have any news from Daria? I miss her so much.


Dog Rose Berries? For me? Well, it's very nice of you, and so touching. Though I'd have preferred... Never mind, many thanks.


Experience: +420