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Accompany Mila back to the camp and notify Amanda de Desirae.
Spawns at: Evermeet Isle
Evermeet Isle
Evermeet Isle



Thank the Light! I owe you. Veleslav... Oh, I'm so ashamed to speak about that. You see, Seversky is an ancient and respected family, relatives of the Valirs! But they are also the ones responsible for our troubles.

You see, him and his brother Boris helped get the rebels in to Clement's Tower. Their goal was to steal this strange chest of meteorite stones and any other useful materials to aid them in a rebellion against the Kanian government!

Amanda managed to get the stones first, so Veleslavlav decided to pose as a refugee in hopes of stealing them from her later. He didn't want to draw attention to himself, so he blackmailed me into getting them from Amanda myself. Turns out he was planning on killing me anyway once I finished his task. Only you saved me from death!

Please help me get back to the Scout Camp. And tell Amanda about what happened... I'll be too embarrassed to show my face to her for a long time.


Have you found Mila and Veleslav?


What?! Veleslav was partially responsible for my uncle's death? Kanian noblemen! They are a disgrace to the League! And now my uncle is dead because of these horrible stones...


Experience: +420
Money: 71