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The Suspicious Ship


Take the Ship's Log to Amanda de Desirae.
Spawns at: Evermeet Isle
Evermeet Isle
Evermeet Isle


One of our scouts, Lok, was sent to explore the southeastern part of the allod. Can you guess what he found? An Astral ship crashed on the rocks! Lok claims that it was the same exact ship he'd seen at Clement's Tower immediately before the catastrophe.

Perhaps these ‘others' who attacked the Gibberling were on that ship. Maybe fate has thrown us together with the culprits responsible for Clement's Tower! This must be investigated. Lok says the ship is crawling with the undead and didn't dare to poke his head in, but you're tough enough to do that.

Go to the southeast shore, find the ship, and investigate. What I'm really interested in is the ship's log. Once we have it, we can decide what to do next.


Have you found the ship's log yet?


Give me a moment to look into the ship's log.

So... Hm, oh dear.

Oho! That explains a lot.


Experience: +600
Money: 1 38