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Ghostly Request


While in a ghostly form, kill 5 ghostly creatures of each kind: wolves, boars and toads upon the request of Sergey Rybakov of the Village.


Ah, thank you for coming to our aid! Yeah, yeah, you. Other Chosen Ones are useless idlers.

Only you are the embodiment of our beloved Ath-Zak. The same nobility, selflessness, and stature. You even drop your gaze with the same modesty as he did. I know because he was like a son to me!

Please, do me a favor. We are nothing but phantoms, but we also have our needs. Please kill a handful of wolves, boars and toads for me. I know you won't even ask why we need you to do this. Just help us like how you always help everyone else.


That was quick!

Did you really mange to kill all enemies? Maybe some of them just pretended to be dead. These ghostly monsters can do such tricks.

You should hold each of them by their jaws and cut their throats. Do not forget to turn them on belly or you will be covered with blood... Oh, look at me re-living my childhood days. Old fool!


Oh, thank you, Chosen One! I was afraid that boars would be carriers of ghostly swine flu. I was told this is a bad disease!

As for wolves and toads, to be honest, I can't stand these disgusting creatures.

This spot on the sleeve, isn't it toad's poison? Under the tongue... Why are you staring at me like that? It is a delicacy, you fool.... No, far from it!

By the way, what do you think about hunting tomorrow? I will be waiting. Don't be late. And don't be afraid to get dirty with poison - I will scrape away everything.


Experience: +500