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A Cruel Lesson


Participate in the destruction of the Great Dragon and report back to Nihaz.


Know what I hate more than anything? Stupid, petty treachery.

Take, for example, the Great Dragon. I forgave him for failing to guard the prison. Everyone makes mistakes. But his attempt to go to war against me resembles a stray pup trying to pick a fight with a mature wolf dog - pointless, petty, and stupid. Seems he has forgotten who he's dealing with! I'll have to remind him.

Go with a troop to the Upper City and rid me of this overgrown lizard. He's no longer interesting to me.


Fools! Their plotting is so primitive that even a child could figure it out! What are they counting on?


Is the dragon destroyed? Hehe. I wonder how the horde of draconids will get on without their Fiery Father? Although, there's still Soliskar the Wise and Agrus the Callous... No big deal. They're not interfering now. I hope that they can learn their lesson well and not try to cross me. And if they should once again start meddling where they don't belong... What's one more dead dragon, right?