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The Flipside of the Revelation: Sarn


Challenge Nihaz and defeat him!


You only just draw nearer to the slowly dissolving, floating figure of the defeated demon, when you are overcome with a flood of visions.

You see Sarn vainly struggling to destroy the darkness that binds his body, radiating a pure white glow. Every jerk elicits a painful grimace in the god of light, and his body remains stained by the shadow of darkness. The stains grow with each attempt to escape.

You can see that Nihaz has played his own game with the imprisoned god, a cruel experiment where every attempt at freedom brings Sarn closer to his breaking point, where he will have no more strength to battle darkness and will become just like Nihaz. The god of darkness has entertained himself for years, offering Sarn the chance to escape from his prison, but then repeatedly dashing his hopes at the last minute.

You see a strange structure installed in the throne room of the Dead City, and you can see that it is the Star Gates, Sarn's last hope. If the demons could take the gates, then Sarn would be freed and could leave this world. But foul Nihaz once more forges his victory on the labour of others, the labour of the heroes of this universe who believed in his good intentions.

History repeats itself... Once, the Junes believed Nihaz and were destroyed. The same fate awaits both the League and the Empire. The only chance to escape the tragic lot of the Junes is to stop Nihaz before it's too late.


You... You have the audacity to raise your hand against a god?


Traitor... I had hoped that at least someone in this universe was able to appreciate the beauty of my ideas. I raised you above the rest... And this is your gratitude?!