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The Flipside of the Revelation: The Great Dragon


Challenge Nihaz and defeat him!


A mortal... I have been defeated by a mortal... Unfathomable! Me, the Greatest of the universe's first Keepers, brought down by a miserable worm tunnelling in the dust at my feet!

You must be proud of your victory... Go ahead, be proud. Your master will leave you in the dust just as he left us in our day.

When Nihaz imprisoned Sarn and locked him up within Sarnaut it was us, the twelve Great Dragons, that were to guard his prison. We performed our duty admirably! But Sarn is a god, and we, the keepers, as potent as we are, are not omnipotent. The prisoner found a way out and created life on a planet, giving it a mind of its own and then turning it upon us. I'm talking about the Junes.

By the time we realized that we would not get by on our own, it was too late. We called upon our Master, and he responded... But he turned away from us with a mocking laugh! Nihaz strengthened the walls of the prison, locking them with the twelve Seals, and he turned us out to die at the hands of pitiful creations! But I survived. I found a way to escape that world and became truly free! Gathering my own army of draconids, I waited for Nihaz to return. Dragons are nothing if not patient...

During the Cataclysm some of the Seals were damaged, and the astral merged with the Seals' power, flooding the world and ripping it to shreds. Nihaz did not hasten to intervene, but I waited patiently, and it paid off!

Along with Nihaz in the Dead City appeared the Star Gates, the source of divine power! With their help, one can travel through the worlds, drawing energy from each new world, acquiring knowledge and power. I wanted to capture the gates while the Master was occupied with the world's problems. I'd have used it to create a new world for myself and my children. If it hadn't been for you, I'd have succeeded...

Nihaz is deceiving you, have no doubt of that. Your only chance is to strike first!


You scum...


That winged worm put you up to this? To betray your own daddy? Not good... You really think that a god can be killed with ordinary weapons? Hahaha!

You were able to destroy my corporeal body, this husk. Too bad my little girl isn't around... No matter.

Presently I may not in the condition to turn you to ash on the spot, but remember, vermin, I will return. And if I happen to be in a good mood, I'll give you one more chance to serve me. Better you agree, if it comes to that, or else the tortures that my friend Sarn endured will pale in miserable comparison!