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An Easy Job: Pirate Cloak


Hey, buddy! Listen, I've got something to say. Did you ever happen to visit June Catacombs? If the answer's yes, then I have a job for you! That terrestrial cuttlefish Mohr is looking for sun minerals and offers lots of interesting stuff in exchange for them. I got an idea... I know how we both can benefit from it.

In short, bring me twenty minerals of that sort, and I'll give you a pirate cloak in exchange! You won't find that cloak anywhere else, I swear!

  • (Sun minerals can be obtained from Mohr in exchange for resources he needs)
Spawns at: Kansha Ruins
Kansha Ruins
Kansha Ruins


Bring 20 sun minerals to Artem Shiryaev in the Gipat Ruins.


Well, how's it going? Found any minerals?


I'll be damned, you've made it! Well then, you take the suit, I take the minerals, as agreed. Now you look almost like a real astral pirate, haha!


You will be able to choose from: