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Clean thoughts, clean hands


Take Velerad to the Ring of Balance to the tree and protect him, while he cleans out the Leper inside the Ring.
Spawns at: Umoir



Let’s risk what’s worth it!
I am going in the middle of the Guardian Ring, inside the sacred tree, and clean out or at least restrict the Leper inside of it. Forces of Nature and gods will help me! And you will guard and protect me!


Oh, it’s so hard...


That was hard! The Leper, and worst of all, it cannot be cured, only restricted. You have to be a god to cure it!
I mourn over lots of my brothers, who died or went mad. But the fact that some of them were able to overcome the Leper’s voice in the heads, makes me very happy. I still have hope!


Experience: +4420
Money: 40 52 15