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The Grand Experiment


Grand Experiment... What is it? Great Mages of the past have invented something not mentioned in any history book. Was it before the Cataclysm, before Sarnaut became split into parts? And what was the point of the experiment?
Spawns at: Novograd


You have solved the World Mystery: "The Grand Experiment"


How is your search going? Have you managed to find something out about the mysterious "experiment"?


What?! The Grand Experiment was an attempt of the Mages to gain control of the astral, and it led to the world downfall? It cannot be. I could not believe! However, the facts are convincing... Twelve Great Martyrs, who were said to have stopped the astral invasion, never existed in reality. It was just a legend invented by Great Mages. And all the documents that could shed a light on the mystery are lost! This cannot be a coincidence!
You know what? This information is too unsafe to record. Should it become public, the world will see a doomsday! Some hot-heads will try to make avenge of the Mages, while the latter are still our only chance to survive. Oh, we better keep this secret! I can just repeat the Spirit's advice, forget everything that you know. Let it all take its course. However, I'm still concerned with the Magician's Spark that you managed to release. It seems we've come across another great mystery!


Experience: +100