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A Difficult Task


Participate in killing 10 Ruthless Ogres and return to Bugailo the Unyielding.
Spawns at: Asee-Teph


If you're looking for a difficult mission to keep you busy, I certainly have something you can do. To the northwest of Tensess Temple is a camp of ogres. They're gigantic beasts, in huge sets of armor and with huge swords that they use to cut down almost anything that passes by their camp.

They have a voracious appetite, and it's said they need to eat at least once an hour. They even keep large bags of gore on their backs as emergency rations in case they don't find any prey.

Needless to say, many of our soldiers get caught in their clutches. Yes, they do take out a good number of the League soldiers as well, but it's hardly an advantage considering how many men we lose. If you can go to their base and thin their ranks, the Imperial Army will be extremely grateful.


So, have you decided to face those monsters?


Well I'll be! You really were able to take out those blasted ogres! Good job. Now maybe those that remain can eat the corpses of their friends instead of our soldiers. Hah!


Experience: +1850
Money: 33 67