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The Final Threat


Kill Verona de Doucer and return Igor Itsov.


My memory is coming back to me... Now I remember what happened! That ship arrived at Zaleskaya Homeland and Verona appeared. After that my memory is a little foggy, but I'm sure she killed Zalesky! Then she bribed and seduced Lev Eltsin into helping her control this allod.

Ever since then my mind must have been clouded with the golems' aura. It's time to end this tyranny - I cannot let her terrorize the people any longer.

It seems there is only one course of action - death to Verona! Be careful - I have a feeling she must be very powerful. It's likely that she truly is a Great Mage if she was confident in her ability to maintain the allod after my death.

I would love to help out, but I still feel weak from the golems' effects. Fighting magic was never my specialty anyway. After you defeat her, please return to me so that I can begin organizing the village's revival.


I don't know what's worse - the horrible dream I was caught in, or this grim reality.


So, it's all over! Thank you.
I was never fond of Zalesky's policies. Being simple farmers is what allowed most of the population to be deceived in the first place.

I think I shall take up the mantle of leadership and lead the villagers into a new era. Perhaps one day you will return and see how magnificent Zaleskaya Homeland has become!


Experience: +250
Money: 33 75