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The Fifth Page from the Great Mage's Diary


Bring the Fifth Page from the Great Mage's Diary to Goblin Banker in the bank of your faction's capital.
Spawns at: Novograd


Goblin Banker will certainly be interested in this document.


There's a certain mystery that I've been trying to solve for a while now. Unfortunately, I don't have enough evidence. Since you've been so helpful in gathering information for me in the past, it would be wonderful if you could provide your assistance now.

You see, in 646 of the New Era a Great Mage named Danas uncovered the secret allod of Umoira. There he helped Skrakan defeat a great demon. We know this information from ancient documents that the City Council retrieved from the Kanian government.

Unfortunately, those are all the details we have. Danas was very solitary, and most of his secrets were only recorded in his personal diary. This document was considered lost for many years, but a short while ago a few pages of it were found.

Shortly afterwards the pages were locked in separate chests for safekeeping. But as luck may have it, in a matter of days they were lost when the ship that was carrying them was destroyed.

If you happen to find one of the pages from those chests, please bring it to me immediately. You will be well rewarded!


What an excellent find! The Great Mage's diary is of national importance. For this information you deserve a hefty reward.


Money: 1 16