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The Xadaganian Great Mage


Kill Gorluxor and bring his head to Izbor Yavorsky in Novograd.


Gorluxor... Is it any surprise that such a monster and criminal was spawned by the Empire? This Xadaganian Great Mage once fought Yasker for power over the Empire. This happened right after the disappearance of Nezeb and Skrakan.

Gorluxor promised to lead all of the Xadaganians to victory over their enemies. Yasker, however, made a smarter proclamation. He promised to protect not only the Xadaganians, but the Orcs and Arisen as well. By giving all of the Imperial citizens full rights, he received their backing and Yasker is now in charge today.

Damn! It would have been best for Gorluxor to take power. He probably would've destroyed the Empire from within. But once he was defeated, Gorluxor swore loyalty to no one. Now he aims to destroy the world out of anger!

It appears that Gorluxor is leading a large army of cultists that serve the demons. Worst of all, he's posing a threat to the great Tensess! He needs to be killed immediately. This will definitely be a difficult battle, and so I will enter it by your side!

After you kill Gorluxor, make sure to cut off his head. Then his spirit won't be able to return to his body. He wants to deprive the whole world of the gift of resurrection, eh? Well, let him experience firsthand what it's like! Bring Gorluxor's head to Izbor Yavorsky when you are victorious.


Any news from the Holy Land?


Whose head? Gorluxor's? And you say that this former Xadaganian Great Mage was leading the cultists? Well then, this is quite a feat! I believe that merits a reward.


Experience: +3375
Money: 79 99