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The Curse of the June


There are a lot of mysteries in the history of our world. They are constantly studied by the Historians - a group of scholars consisting of representatives from all the intelligent races in Sarnaut. If you find something interesting, I'm sure the information would help them in their studies.

Spawns at: Novograd


You have solved the mystery "The Curse of the June".


I hear that you're helping the Historians. They've already uncovered many secrets, but with your help I'm sure they'll be able to uncover many more.


You have uncovered the truth about the ancient race of Junes!

A god destined these people to destroy the world... They followed Sarn's will and killed the Great Dragons, unaware of the real goal of their deity. And when Nihaz, God of Darkness, passed the revelation to Junes, their creator cursed them, almost wiping the whole civilization. Nihaz gave them another chance. He changed Junes' appearance and their way of life. For thousands years they were waiting for the moment to challenge the gods...

This is an amazing story. And I'm sure this is not the end of it.


Experience: +100