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Soul Catcher


Use Ancient June Ruins to fly around the island. During the flight use the Orb of Dark Flame to curse 6 nodes of Astral shards. Complete the flight on board of the pirate ship and talk to draconid Grungor.



Restoring my power is a part of your task. First of all, you have to cook the sweetest dish in the world.

I am talking about vengeance! I won't be able to lead normal life knowing that my offenders, those mocking pirates, will resurrect and continue laughing at me! They must die forever!

Damned Tensess... Because of his sacrifice your kin cannot die!

But it doesn't matter... You will do what I say, and when the payback time comes, nothing will resurrect those pirate thieves.

I am giving you an ancient artifact, Orb of Dark Flame. Be careful with it! It possesses huge powers. We will use just a small bit of them.

Use the Ancient June Ruins behind my wings to fly around the island. There will be 6 nodes of Astral Shards. You must approach each and activate the orb. I will give you a signal to activate the artifact. Don't be afraid of what happens next! The power is meant to hurt my enemies, not you! The island will be covered with a shroud of Darkness. Not a single pirate Spark will break through to get into Purgatory!

Your flight will end on board of the pirate ship. Look for Grungor there. He failed to do what he meant to... But you will accomplish his mission! The Draconid is still alive, I can feel it... Even though I have been captured by pirates.

Go now! I am exhausted... Do what you must.


You burned astral shards with dragon fire?..

You are not pirate then... Shame on me! And the Great Dragon already knows about my fault...


Say nothing! I understand the Great Dragon despise me for weakness...

I not only disobey his order - I could not kill myself! Shame.


Experience: +200
Money: 40 50


Speck of Light