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Test Subject


Go to the coast opposite Draconid Island. Use the Magic Decoy to lure the Draconids and take their blood and heart. Use the Talk-back Device to send these samples to the Wormfaces.
  • Send Samples.
  • (Summon a draconid to the indicated spot with a Magic Decoy, then kill it and collect its heart)
  • (Summon a draconid to the indicated spot with a Magic Decoy, then kill it and collect its blood)



I have one more request before we part. I'm not sure you'll like it. I mean, I'm almost sure that you won't like it.

You will have to kill. You'll have to kill Draconids. It is a dirty job, I know, but it needs to be done. Believe me, you will get a proper reward!

We'll give you a Magic Decoy. Only Draconids can hear its sound and they cannot resist it.

The Overmind has asked for Draconid Heart and Draconid Blood. Don't ask what we need them for. The explanation would take a lot of time and I'm not sure that you'd understand at least one-third of what we tell you. Just do it for our lost magnificence, which burned to ashes in flames brought upon our race by the Great Dragons!


I understand that you may not like the task... But I promise you a great reward!


Draconid blood and heart. This is exactly what I need! We are very grateful to you.

Concerning the reward... We know that you've been looking for shards of the crystal armor of the last June known to you as Zak. We know where you can find this shard.

But we don't want to reveal our knowledge. We gave the knowledge of the location of this shard away to one of those pompous Historians. Let them think that they found the shard... even though we know you deserve it.

Let the Darkness keep you! We believe that you will use this shard wisely.


Experience: +8250
Money: 14 28 76


Speck of Light