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Adventurer's Stone


Speak with the Portal Keeper in Novograd and bind your Adventurer's Stone's essence to their portal.
  • Travel to Novograd.
    (Wait for the ship to arrive, board it and sail to Novograd.)


This "Adventurer's Stone" of yours is a strange thing indeed! The Nameless One must have awoken some sort of ancient June magic in it. We must take it to the Elven emissary in Novograd - I'm sure our Elves will be able to create similar stones.

Think about it, each League citizen having their own stone and traveling through the Astral! Life will be so much easier!

You should remember that every time you discover a new June ruin you can bind your Stone's essence to that specific ruin. There are also highly skilled Portal Keepers that will bind your Stone's essence to their portal. Then you can activate your Stone to instantly return to those locations.


Greetings! What do you want to talk about?


I've already heard about this new discovery! An ancient June artifact serving the League! Just the thought sends chills down my spine! Do you want to bind it's essence to this portal? I can help you with that!


Experience: +160
Money: 48