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Unknown force is trying to get across Sarnaut some Revelation, designed to fundamentally change the understanding of the past, present and future. Worth trying to find out what this force is, what goal it pursues, and the essence of this "Revelations"...


Spirit of Resolve starts this step of the World Mystery on Gipat, and Lovewise Catfish finishes it in Novograd.
First part of Revelation: It's true that there was no June Portal. The truth is the fact that the victim of Nezeb and Skrakan was not necessary. Demons are the creatures of this world. The world they are going to destroy!


This step of the World Mystery is started by Gorislav Gipitsky at the Crossroads and finished there.
The Second Part of the Revelation states that the world that demons try to destroy is holding together by a number of unnatural powers: Meteoric Iron - the remnants of an ancient meteorite, Great Dragons - creatures from another world, and Great Mages whose power is related to Dragons.


Master's Voice starts this step of the World Mystery on the Isle of Revelation, and Aidenus finishes it in Novograd.
The third part of Revelation says: Sarnaut is a prison created by Nihaz, God of Darkness, to restrain his sworn enemy Sarn, God of Light. Most of the creatures living in this world were created by Sarn with the only goal of destroying the prison. Sarn has been craving for freedom for too long. He has changed, eventually turning to the evil side.