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Path to the Temple


In the center of the Holy Land lies Tensess Temple. Capturing it is the main goal for both the League and the Empire, and it is there that the destiny of the world will be decided.


Stas Gorlanov starts this step of the World Mystery in Asee-Teph, and Klavdius Trojanov finishes it there.
Good news and bad news always seem to go hand in hand. The good news is that Voisvet Belov entered the Temple and will surely be able to end the conflict with the Historians. The bad news is that the temple is filled with cultists. Additionally, a mysterious barrier has appeared that blocks access to most of the Temple.


Miroslav Amvonov starts this step of the World Mystery in Eljune, and finishes it there.
While Voisvet Belov is fighting within Tensess Temple, the war in the Holy Land continues to rage. There is no doubt that the League will eventually capture the Temple. Then the doctrines of the Church of Light can be proven correct and the world will recognize that Tensess is supreme.


Nomarkh Semerkhet starts this step of the World Mystery in Asee-Teph, and Marianne de Ardeur finishes it in Novograd.
Despite the betrayal of the Historians, the outcome of the war for the Holy Land was decided in the battle between Voisvet Belov and Nefer Ur. The honor and bravery of the League soldiers was what finally tipped the scales. Victory shall soon come...