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The Kanian Rebellion


Kania is being torn apart by rebellion! You must find out its cause, expose the ringleaders, and put an end to the discord.


Letter taken from Danil Remizov starts this step of the World Mystery at Lightwood, and Pavel Isaev finishes it in Novograd.
Kanian nobles have begun a large-scale rebellion with the goal of capturing Novograd and eliminating Aidenus. Someone must not like the changes that are happening in Kania...


Vladimir Zalesky starts this step of the World Mystery at Lightwood, and Aidenus finishes it in Novograd.
It appears that the Kanian rebels are desperate to achieve their goal - desperate enough to ally themselves with the League's mortal enemy! Their first attempt to take advantage of the Empire's help has failed, but who knows what the future holds...


Letter received from Somber Family starts this step of the World Mystery in Siveria, and Georgi Vityazev finishes it there.
The Kanian rebels continue to do anything to get what they want. At this point, things are headed towards an open civil war! You must expose their leader who is known only by the initials "WK". If he's defeated the activities of the rebels would be crippled.


Izbor Yavorsky starts this step of the World Mystery in Novograd, and Dobrinya Nikitov finishes it in Darkwater.
There is no doubt that "WK" was the White Knight himself! By posing as a descendant of the Valir family he had instigated the revolt. Now he has paid the ultimate price... The followers of the White Knight will no longer be able to use the ancient name of Valir to persuade the Kanians to follow their cause. The conflict is over, and the first chapter of a new age in Kanian history has been written.