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The Lost Homeland


For many a year now, the Gibberlings have been searching for Isa - their lost homeland. Unfortunately, the hope of finding it lessens with each day. The Gibberlings need some help or else they'll be doomed to perish, like a tree that has lost its roots.


This step of the World Mystery is started by Gray Family in Novograd and finished there.
The wreckage of a Gibberling ship that was sent to find Isa was found on the shores of Evermeet Isle. Only one crew member survived and he was eventually killed by Kanian rebels. Despite this tragedy, the Gibberlings' hope lives on...


Gray Family starts this step of the World Mystery in Novograd, and Froddy the Fidget finishes it at Frozen Frontier.
Alas, the tidings are quite sad! The Gibberling scouts that searched for Isa have died. Before their death, they said that the Gibberling homeland was gone forever. No one knows if the Gibberlings will survive the destruction of their hopes and dreams.


Froddy the Fidget starts this step of the World Mystery at Frozen Frontier, and Veleslav Kapishev finishes it in Darkwater.
The Gibberlings are amazing people - nothing can break their spirit! Now the lands of the League must become their new homeland, and they're prepared to go through anything to establish their place in the world. Unfortunately, there are a lot of obstacles in their way...


Veleslav Kapishev starts this step of the World Mystery in Darkwater, and Keen Family finishes it there.
Now the Gibberlings' fate is clear! They have the opportunity to melt the eternal frosts of Frozen Frontier and turn it into a blooming garden. Who knows, maybe someday this snowy archipelago will change not only in appearance, but also in name. The League maps may one day show these allods as New Isa.