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Seals of Power


It's hard to miss the fact that the new players on the Sarnaut scene are trying to obtain previously unknown astral entities. Words they slipped, accidentally or intentionally, point to some mysterious Seals. I should try and learn about these Seals and their powers...


This step of the World Mystery is started by Astralophone on Twilight Isle and finished there.
I should have paid attention to these Seals during my adventures on Kirah. What is the nature of the mysterious Charm of the Astral Silver that protected me from the Destroyer? Is it connected to the Ingot of Astral Iron that the Great Dragons created out of the blood of Astral demon?


Gammon the Tempestuous starts this step of the World Mystery at Frontier, and Semer Shabas finishes it there.
So who's wrong? Predators who believe that their powers and Martyr's blessings are of the same origin? Or those who think that Martyrs are sparks of the Great Mages lost somewhere in the Astral? Why would a being created by the Great Mages grant its blessing to these "Wormfaces"? What's the connection between Astral silver, Astral iron and this blessing? The answers are hidden deep in the past. Attempts to find them reveal more riddles...


Nomarkh Ankh starts this step of the World Mystery on Wandering Island, and Nihaz finishes it on the Isle of Revelation.
Nihaz fettered Sarn's power using the Seals that embodied the Divine Power. In his insanity Tep managed to use one of the Seals he found to create his horrible Plague. But it is still unclear how many Seals there were and what these Seals have in common to the artifacts of Astral metals. The artifacts might be either parts of the Seals or keys to them...


Keeper of the Universe starts this step of the World Mystery at Cradle Isle, and Yasker finishes it at Nezebgrad.
The Great Mages were lying - there are no Patrons! The power that the entire Sarnaut calls Patrons is actually the power of Nihaz's Seals. The Twelve Patrons, the twelve Great Dragons, the twelve Seals that Sarn's prison is sealed with...
The only thing that's unclear is whether a mortal can master that power to the fullest measure... And if so, what lies at the end of this path!