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The Power of the Light


The main ideological difference between the League and the Empire is the source of holy energy.

The League priests only recognize Tensess as being a true saint, and they claim that all holy energy comes from him. They refuse to recognize that Nezeb and Skrakan are of equal importance.

Because of this dispute, the Holy Land have become the grounds for an ideological war. It's time to put an end to these arguments and find the true source of the Light!


This step of the World Mystery is started by Vlada Merinova in Asee-Teph and finished there.
Faith is a weapon as dangerous as the sword. The struggle with the lies of the League Priests has lasted for ages. The Empire can no longer wait! The battle for truth must be won.


Zosim Nikulin starts this step of the World Mystery in Eljune, and Semer Kiya finishes it at Coba Plateau.
The power of the Light is being threatened! Wicked cultists have been trying to warp it to their own ends. They have recently been very active in Coba Plateau, a place filled with mysterious artifacts. It is here that a war is taking place, but it's not being fought over the ancient treasures. It's being fought to save every soul in Sarnaut.


Vlada Merinova starts this step of the World Mystery in Asee-Teph, and Yasker finishes it in Nezebgrad.
The truth is that the power of the Light is not contained in Tensess, Skrakan, or Nezeb. Instead, it originates from the belief that Sarnaut's inhabitants have in it. Perhaps this is for the best.