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    Relocate device

    • Relocate device
    • Element: Astral
    • Rank: 1
    • Cast time: instant
    • Cooldown: instant
    • Put the device into the locker.
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    "Alchemist" Kanian Bookcase"Alchemist" Kanian Bookcase3045Other 
    "Bear's Head" Trophy"Bear's Head" Trophy3045Other 
    "Big Fish" Trophy"Big Fish" Trophy3045Other 
    "BITE-39" Poster"BITE-39" Poster3045Other 
    "Boar's Head" Trophy"Boar's Head" Trophy3045Other 
    "Commissar" Painting"Commissar" Painting3045Other 
    "Commissar's Shield" Wall Decoration"Commissar's Shield" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Crescent" Elven Decoration"Crescent" Elven Decoration3045Other 
    "Daily Routine" Weapon Collection"Daily Routine" Weapon Collection3045Other 
    "Face of the Sun" Kanian Shield"Face of the Sun" Kanian Shield3045Other 
    "Ficus" Imperial Bookcase"Ficus" Imperial Bookcase3045Other 
    "Forager" Orcish Chest"Forager" Orcish Chest3045Other 
    "FRIEND-T2" Poster"FRIEND-T2" Poster3045Other 
    "General" Table"General" Table3045Other 
    "Glorious Leader" Imperial Bookcase"Glorious Leader" Imperial Bookcase3045Other 
    "Glory to the Leader" Bas-relief"Glory to the Leader" Bas-relief3045Other 
    "God of War" Idol"God of War" Idol3045Other 
    "Grace" Painting"Grace" Painting3045Other 
    "Great Ancestor" Statue"Great Ancestor" Statue3045Other 
    "Great hunter" Idol"Great hunter" Idol3045Other 
    "Halberds" Wall Decoration"Halberds" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Happy Bureaucrat" Imperial Bookcase"Happy Bureaucrat" Imperial Bookcase3045Other 
    "Imperial Axes" Wall Decoration"Imperial Axes" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Imperial Blades" Wall Decoration"Imperial Blades" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Imperial Bureaucrat" Office Desk"Imperial Bureaucrat" Office Desk3045Other 
    "Imperial Commander" Armor Set"Imperial Commander" Armor Set3045Other 
    "Imperial Officer" Armor Set"Imperial Officer" Armor Set3045Other 
    "Imperial Poleaxe" Wall Decoration"Imperial Poleaxe" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Kanian Army" Wall Decoration"Kanian Army" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Kanian Defender" Wall Decoration"Kanian Defender" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Kanian Eagle" Wall Decoration"Kanian Eagle" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Kanian Militia" Wall Decoration"Kanian Militia" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Kanian Poleaxes" Wall Decoration"Kanian Poleaxes" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Kanian Steel Blades" Wall Decoration"Kanian Steel Blades" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Kanian Warrior" Wall Decoration"Kanian Warrior" Wall Decoration3045Other 
    "Kanian Warrior" Weapon Collection"Kanian Warrior" Weapon Collection3045Other 
    "Legendary Warrior" Statue"Legendary Warrior" Statue3045Other 
    "Lucky Fisherman" Statue"Lucky Fisherman" Statue3045Other 
    "Monolith" Imperial Bookcase"Monolith" Imperial Bookcase3045Other 
    "Moonlight" Elven Decoration"Moonlight" Elven Decoration3045Other 
    "Moonlit night" Elven Decoration"Moonlit night" Elven Decoration3045Other 
    "Navigational Sphere" Decoration"Navigational Sphere" Decoration3045Other 
    "Navigational Sphere" Decoration"Navigational Sphere" Decoration3045Other 
    "Nezeb's Falcon" Painting"Nezeb's Falcon" Painting3045Other 
    "Nezeb's Works" Imperial Bookcase"Nezeb's Works" Imperial Bookcase3045Other 
    "Nice Catch" Figure"Nice Catch" Figure3045Other 
    "Opposition" Painting"Opposition" Painting3045Other 
    "Orthodox" Kanian Bookcase"Orthodox" Kanian Bookcase3045Other 
    "Paired Axes" Weapon Collection"Paired Axes" Weapon Collection3045Other 
    "Patriot" Imperial Bookcase"Patriot" Imperial Bookcase3045Other 
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