Bandit - Allods Online Database.




    • Bandit
    • Rank: 1
    • Cast time: instant
    • Cooldown: 10s.
    • Applies an effect that increases your chance to deal critical damage by 5%.
      If you do not attack anyone for 10 seconds, you can disguise and become invisible for 10 seconds. Your movement speed will decrease by 20%. Casting any spell will remove the invisibility effect.
      While you are under the invisibility effect, melee attacks on a single target apply Victimized effect on the target. This effect increases damage from the three next attacks.
      Casttime and cooldown duration of Steady Shot, Intuitive Shot, Double Shot, and Tesla Arrow Shot increase by 100%.
      Cooldown triggers only when the current invisibility effect fades.
      Cooldown duration increases by 100% when applied in combat.