Cursed but not Forgotten




Find out from Gala de Delice how her dealings with the vampires are going.


Well, our undead represent some serious power. I’m afraid that just zombies might not be enough. We need to get some more allies. When you and Catherina checked my theory, you had a vampiress with you. Eloise de Doucer, I believe. You probably already know what I'm getting at. House De Doucer. They became vampires. They were exiled and cursed. They could help us. And, I admit, I already knew we would have to ask them for help. The Big Game doesn't stop for a minute... Talk to our dear Gala de Delice. She’ll tell you the plan.


So that’s the setting. Whatever Antoinette and her daughter think, we need the vampires anyway. If I can persuade them, I'll put in a good word for them at the Great Ball.


Experience: +59780

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