The Name of the Ally



Find the identity of the ally that's in league with the House de Doucer.


We don't know what is going on in the castle now. And to be honest, I am more concerned about this ally that helped the Elves of the House de Doucer. His magical talents are obvious.

I am inclined to think that this "ally" has something to do with what happened at the Valir castle. Either personally or through the late Armando, he interfered with the ritual Prince Dakkar was performing. And we all know is how it ended...

I'm asking you to find out who this ally is and I am confident that you will succeed! The only place where you can do this is in the Valir castle.

Go back to Darkwater, take your most trusted and true friends, infiltrate the castle, and unravel this mystery!


I never thought I'd see you again, especially in this terrible place!


The Rescue Ritual could not be completed. Svetlana awoke from the dead but in the form of a witch and her poor father turned into an undead ghoul. I blamed myself for everything and chose to leave this world.
However, the events on Evermeet Isle forced me to carry out my own investigation. I now know that I am not to blame for the curse on the castle. The real culprits are the House de Doucer and their ally from the Astral - Tep, the evil necromancer.
Tep didn't have a pyramid or spark vault out here and so he chose the Valir castle. With Tep's help, the necromancers of the House de Doucer sabotaged my ritual and turned the castle into a kingdom of the undead. Tep put his guardian, Mor'Ghuun, in the castle to watch over it. The monstrous creature can kill with a mere glance and I fear we'll have to face it!


Experience: +2240
  • +250 reputation points with Elves

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